Best Grips Period

These are the best hand grips you will ever use. They improve your bar work and protect your hands from ripping. 

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced CrossFitter's who know a good, quality product when we see it. We were immediately impressed on how well these grips improve your bar work. String more pull ups, toes to bar, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups than ever before. 

Several days ago someone recommended these grips saying they were the best they ever used. Being new to CrossFit I was a little skeptical but I bought a pair anyway. To my surprise, I love them. The way they grip the bar and the cushion around my wrist is awesome. They are top quality for sure. I got two of my coaches to try them and they were both amazed at the quality of them. These really are the best grips period.

Jeanette Hulette

 Hey John, we just tried out your grips and love them! Some of our friends bought them while they were in Miami for Wodapalooza. Anyway, we are in a local comp this weekend and anything you can do to get them in the mail tomorrow would be great. If we get them in time, we’ll be sure to “chat them up” during the competition.

Dino DeMarco
Avid CrossFitter

I bought and used them at Wodapalooza this year and did the most consecutive chest to bar pull ups I've ever done, 40 unbroken!!!! These grips saved me!! I'll be using them and posting on Instagram.

Greg Davis
Wadopalooza competitor

These grips are amazing!! I have tried so many different types and none of them have worked. I literally gave up and just decided I would have to live with ripping. Once I tried yours I was so excited! I am able to stay on the bar during T2B and pull-ups without slipping and my hands are rip free! Thank you so much for making this product! They are a Crossfitter’s grip dream!!!

Allison Hilley
Orlando, Fla

About Us

John Balseiro

store owner

We have been doing CrossFit for 11yrs and never really found the perfect grip until now. These gymnastic grips are top notch quality and will improve all of your gymnastic movements. 


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